Alpine Crawler

Alpine Crawler 1.0

Mac version of the popular iPhone driving game


  • Simple gameplay
  • Fun and addictive


  • No steering

Very good

Have you ever dreamed of racing an SUV across Alpine terrain? If so, Alpine Crawler may appeal to you.

The aim of Alpine Crawler is simple - just take a pick-up or SUV and drive it as carefully as possible across a mountain terrain. This is a side-scrolling game so there is no steering - you just press and release the throttle, making it easy enough for anyone to play. If you do so tactically, you should stop your SUV bouncing too much and this protect it from breaking up.

Alpine Crawler is addictive because of the simplicity. The challenge level is about right for anyone to get hooked on it from the start, and making big jumps is a lot of fun. This game is all about reflexes and knowing when to hot the gas hard and when not to and it's a great a timewaster.

Alpine Crawler is a fun and simple driving game for all ages.

Alpine Crawler


Alpine Crawler 1.0

User reviews about Alpine Crawler

  • by Anonymous

    Very entertaining.
    when it comes down to it alpine crawler is great, but there are also a few problems like not ...   More